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Family anectodes

Renato Mosca

Fiore Di Lucente

Peppino D'Ascenzo

Fratelli Zezza

Guido De Palatis

Mario Di Ninno

Loredana Impicciatore


Figures to remember

Carmine Di Lallo
1876 - 1943
Don Vincenzo
1924 - 2010



In August 2007 Oreste Di Cristino held a photographic exhibition at Sant'Angelo del Pesco with the theme "History and Memory" which showed images of the past of the people of Sant’Angelo and their town. Many people brought him copies of their family photos and thus gave him the possibility to create a "Photographic history archive". Almost the entire town came to see the exhibition and enthusiastically participated in the projection of the closing ceremony of "vivisantangelo 2007" thus contibuting to the enormous success of the event. What wonderful memories. People that saw themselves again after many years; others with tears in their eyes seeing dear persons, friends and acquaintances no longer with us. This is when Oreste had the idea to publish the entire collection of photographs, more than 1300, collected and reproduced in digital format during the unforgettable "vivisantangelo 2007" and to make it accessible to all through this site, the historical heritage and tradition of all the people of Sant’Angelo.
Through "History and memory" we are going to reconstruct the history and the moments that have most characterised our town by means of episodes and images. A journey in search of memories, customs, diversity of our places and similarities of our people. Episodes and images that will help us to relive, appreciate and better get to know the traditions and history of our town.
Our special thanks go to all the people of Sant’Angelo del Pesco, who have contributed to the realisation of this collection, making documents, images and precious memories available. A collective heritage of Sant’Angelo del Pesco to be handed down to future generations.


  This archive is open to one and all, not only for new photos to be published, but also for corrections of errors,
new identifications and new material of historical interest. All the material has been authorised for publication
by the respective owners. Anyone who does not wish his or her image or name to be used may ask
for immediate removal by writing to: