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Around Sant'Angelo

Contrada Canala …a lifestyle directly in contact with nature.
Strolling through the narrow country roads you can discover beautiful landscapes.
Colours and scents offered by the surrounding vegetation, the green of the countryside,
the blue hues of the sky, the absolute peacefulness of nature, the green spaces
near to peoples's homes give the landscape a colourful scenario blendig
harmoniously with nature's surroundings.
Sun, woods, peace, uncontaminated nature, typical farmyard houses in verdant
green surroundings give to landscape a peaceful feeling.
Splendidly enticing views galore, alleys snaking through the forest,
streets a strolls in the heart of the countyside.
Walking around Sant'Angelo means entering the heart of nature.
Small areas known only to local people where you can breath in the very soul of
Contrada Canala, Sant'Angelo's beautiful countryside.
Respect, protect and enjoy the countryside will contribute to conserve and enhance
the rural environment and to enjoy experiences on a open landscape of natural interest.

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