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Sant'Angelo del Pesco is a municipal village counting 432 inhabitants,
nestled in the province of Isernia.
It actively thrives at 805 metres above sea level, on a 15 km2 surface area with
a population density amounting to 28 inhabitants per km2.
The territorial elevations are constantly gradual and range between 1550 and
650 metres above sea level.
Its optimal climate conditions are all the more appreciable from May to October.
ver the four seasons the temperature can vary from -15 degree lows to +30 degree
highs in the summer. The inhabitants are known as the “Santangiolesi”.
Sant'Angelo del Pesco originates as far back as to year 1000. The original village
settlement was probably composed of a small group of houses, a small convent and a church. It was granted municipal independence only in year 1816.
The north west section of the Sant'Angelo village district boundary is located on to the border with the nearby Abruzzo region, where the Apennine mountain ridge forms
a natural, breathtaking backdrop.
The considerable bush and forest heritage is populated by an impressive number
of silver firs often observed by international forestry institutes.
A short distance off from the village centre, the eye roves to isolated farmhouses
and small clusters of buildings, strewn throughout the countryside.
The typical setting of the antique town centre, the doors of the houses and the
churches all steeped in tradition, history and the simplicity of the people are the
perfect setting for a serenely regenerating stroll.


Sant'Angelo del Pesco and the surroundings provide an inpirational base to discover
a beautiful and picturesque area of the Molise region. By visiting the village,
take time to relax and explore the items of interest the village has to offer.
You can potter around charming the old town with its small squares, narrow streets, preserved old houses and the small pine groove; exploring the history of this area
at its historical monuments: the war memorial, the churches, the antique public laundry; enjoying the slow and silent flow of the river not far away from the village.

The landscape around Sant'Angelo is characterized by hilly and mountain area which peaks between 650 and 1550 m above sea level. It is thanks to this varied landscape that Sant'Angelo offers such a wide range of attractions to nature lovers.

The old town - The historic part of the village. Its small squares, narrow streets, the small pine groove, old houses. The best way to explore the history and traditions of a small village.

The three crosses - A stone base supports three wrought iron crosses. Set in the highest-located portion of the village, here it is also possible to take in wonderful views of the overall surrounding areas.

The parish church - Built in 1886. On the inside you can enjoy viewing a number of remarkable statues, religious frescoes and an impressive wall fresco.

The church steeple - Rises straight out of the heart of the village. The well designed night time lighting enhances its majestic profile.

The chapel - A small chapel rises at the higher end of the village. The inside boasts a religious painting of the Neapolitan school of old, as well as a large scale wooden cross and a statue of the dead body of Jesus Christ.

The war memorial - An artistic pedestal in white stone, bearing the statue of an angel kissing a dyeing soldier. Erected in 1926, this monument is a War Memorial honouring the names of all those fallen during all forgone wars. Soldiers and civilians alike.

The river - The Sangro river near Sant'Angelo surrounded by trees. It delimites the Sant'Angelo territory (Molise region) with the Abruzzo region. Its low flow through a wild area is smooth and gentle.

The public laundry - A veritable town symbol bearing concrete historical witness to the everyday life of the people. Built in local stone by the town craftsmen, this is where the village housewives once met to do their laundry.




Contrada Canala …a lifestyle directly in contact with nature.
Strolling through the narrow country roads you can discover beautiful landscapes.
Colours and scents offered by the surrounding vegetation, the green of the countryside, the blue hues of the sky, the absolute peacefulness of nature, the green spaces
near to peoples's homes give the landscape a colourful scenario blendig
harmoniously with nature's surroundings.
Sun, woods, peace, uncontaminated nature, typical farmyard houses in verdant green surroundings give to landscape a peaceful feeling.
Splendidly enticing views galore, alleys snaking through the forest, streets a
strolls in the heart of the countyside.
Walking around Sant'Angelo means entering the heart of nature.
Small areas known only to local people where you can breath in the very soul of peacefulness.
Contrada Canala, Sant'Angelo's beautiful countryside.
Respect, protect and enjoy the countryside will contribute to conserve and enhance the rural environment and to enjoy experiences on a open landscape of natural interest.