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  The basics of digital photography  
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The digital photography
– Module 1

The contents of this publication - Module 1 are based on the work of Oreste Di Cristino. All the information is in english and is supported by photographs, images, graphics and illustrations.

Editing, layout, graphic design,
photography, studio and production shots: Oreste Di Cristino.

English proof reader:
Anita Magnenat-Parisi.

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  This publication - Module 1 - is dedicated to:  

Introduction to photographySkills and knowledgePhotographic compositionComposition techniques and guidelinesThe rule-of-thirdsBalancing elements and leading linesSymmetry View point and background Depth and orientation Diagonals and framingActive space and dead space in composition Breaking the "Active space" ruleThe Golden Ratio The Golden Ratio vs The rule-of-thirds Simple tips to improve compositionUnderstanding exposureThe exposure triangle How to adjust exposure Aperture, shutter speed and ISO Conclusion and terminology used in this tutorial

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Location: Lausanne, Switzerland.
Hand-held photo with Nikon D810, lens 24-70 mm,
aperture: f/11, shutter speed: 1/500s, ISO: 200, focal length: 70 mm.

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