Once upon a time, there was a small village nestled amidst majestic mountains and vast fjords. It was located in northern Norway. The village, named Grøtfjord, was surrounded by natural beauty, with deep fjords stretching to the horizon and steep mountains reaching towards the sky. The inhabitants lived in harmony with the surrounding nature. They relied on the fjords for their daily sustenance, fishing in the rich marine waters and cultivating the fertile lands along the coast. It was a place of peace and tranquility, where the rhythm of life was dictated by the sea and the sunlight.

The extreme ends of the world offer a variety of fascinating places that go beyond mere geography or populated centers. Along the northern lands, there are human settlements, schools, shops, bars, offices, and sports teams that defy the harsh weather conditions. Similarly, the southern regions of the world host vibrant communities and unique cultural activities, providing a distinct experience. It is these challenges and opportunities in extreme contexts that drive us to discover the human potential in every corner of the Earth.

Wild lands, filled with sedimented clay that bear witness to the geological history of the area. Rocks in their purest forms: eroded, with faults and volcanic remnants that narrate the story of the geological evolution of these islands over millennia. We have arrived in the Svalbard Islands, leaving behind all the landmarks of continental Europe. The Svalbard reveals its rawest, yet most impenetrable nature that can be found on Earth. In some places, the absence of vegetation allows for easy access to the bedrock, while in others, this very rock is concealed beneath over 2,000 glaciers and ice caps that blanket it.

Three intense days in Oslo, where the passion for sports reporting merges with admiration for innovative architecture and the museums of this splendid European capital. We are immersed in sports events, taking care of media coverage and providing detailed daily reports. But let’s not forget to take a moment to relax and explore the city, visiting the must-see museums. Oslo welcomes us with its beauty, offering us the opportunity to admire Norwegian art, history, and culture.